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Meet Louie & His Friends:


Louie the Lawnmower


Louie is a bright red lawnmower who used to live at the hardware store with all of his friends. Besides having fun with his pals, Louie loves to eat grass. He knows he was made to do something special and he does a good job mowing in straight lines. Friends are really important to Louie. And he's always ready for an adventure! 






Ruthie Rake


Ruthie is Louie's best friend. She was made to rake up grass clippings and leaves.  Her sweet nature and  encouraging words, make Ruthie the go-to gal of the garage.  A practical, yet fun-loving rake, Ruthie can't wait to share in Louie's adventures!


Eddie Edger


Always ready for fun, Eddie doesn't hesitate to entertain his friends with his wit and good-humor. He was made to trim the border of lawns. Although Eddie's the happy-go-lucky member of the group, he also has a serious side that makes him a good worker.

Henri Hose


Henri is the mischievous one of the group. He was made to carry water from outdoor faucets to grass and plants. Henri feels full of energy when water is rushing through him - and he can't resist spraying his friends when they least expect it! 

Terri Trowel


Terri loves to get dirty. She was made to dig holes and she feels most useful when she creates comfortable homes for flowers. She has a lot in common with the gardening gloves and likes nothing better than the smell of rich soil. Terri is known for being a good listener.

Bobbie Blower


Bobbie is a blower of few words. But when he talks, his friends listen! Full of powerful air, Bobbie was made to blow debris off of yards and decks. Despite his reputation for being stern, Bobbie is really a big softy. And surprisingly, he's not beyond pulling a prank or two on his friends.

Louie the Lawnmower

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